Speaking with the media

We encourage all members of the University’s academic community to speak with the media concerning their areas of expertise.

As a publicly funded institution, it’s important that we demonstrate to the public, the government, donors, and funding agencies the impact that their investment is making. One of the most effective ways is through the media.

It can be daunting speaking with journalists, so we have put together some advice to help prepare researchers for successful engagements with media. Please contact us for a hard copy of this booklet.

The media relations team is available to provide tailored advice and guidance for academics engaging with the media. We require that staff seek the support of the media relations team before engaging with media.

Download our guide on engaging with the media (PDF) 

Media parking passes

The media relations team has parking passes available for members of the media who come to campus for events or to interview faculty or staff. They do not reserve spaces, but they do allow members of the media to park a vehicle for free in certain areas. Please ask the journalist to contact a member of the media relations team to secure a pass.