For faculty and staff

The University of Waterloo is committed to achieving the greatest possible profile and effective mobilization of knowledge by developing and delivering effective marketing and communications programs that inform, educate, connect, engage and motivate key audiences.

An essential element of this activity is our relationship with the media and the public. The University of Waterloo encourages engagement with the media to increase the public profile of the University and the mobilization of knowledge. Waterloo’s visibility in the media through experts is a reflection of the excellence of its research and teaching.

Media relations support

Faculty members are invited to seek advice from the media relations team who can help to effectively mobilize knowledge. The team offers:

Faculty members are encouraged to inform the media relations team if they have engaged with the media or have featured in news stories in order that the media relations team can collect the output, direct any further relevant queries to the individual and promote the coverage via other communications channels.

Similarly, if academic work is being promoted by another organization, the media relations team can give general advice, organize promotion in other channels and refer on any media enquiries.

The information in this website is designed to provide a framework of advice and guidance for interacting with the media. To discuss media opportunities in more detail, please contact the media relations team.


The media relations team provides campus with media coaching designed to assist faculty and staff in becoming more effective in their interactions with journalists on a per-issue basis.

To discuss media training opportunities for yourself or your group, please contact Pamela Smyth.