Welcome to Architectural Engineering

This brand new program is part of Canada's largest engineering school, and was developed conjointly through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering alongside the School of Architecture.

This program was designed to produce engineers technically skilled in the whole scope of building design, construction, assessment, repair and refurbishment with an emphasis on communication, collaboration and design. This studio-based program will provide students with both the technical knowledge, as well as the design skills necessary to become industry leaders. 

This design-driven, co-op program is one-of-a-kind in North America. Through the program's studio focus, and exposure to open-ended design problems, students engage in hands-on experience, coupled with peer learning. During their third year, Architectural Engineering students will directly collaborate with Architecture students and spend two academic terms at the School of Architecture in Cambridge.

Graduates of the Architectural Engineering program will be uniquely skilled engineers with the breadth of knowledge required to facilitate communication between the various professions involved in building projects. Architectural Engineering is a CEAB accredited program giving students the opportunity to apply for their Professional Engineering License (P.Eng.).

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This February, the second year Architectural Engineering students designed, constructed, and tested miniature façades with the aim to reduce electricity consumption due to heating but also avoid overheating due to excessive solar gains through windows.
Students were assigned a window-to-wall ratio and challenged to consider the effects of both heat loss and solar heat gains on indoor occupant comfort. This resulted in some interesting façade material choices and some innovative shading device designs.

On February 4th, the first Architectural Engineering graduating class participated in the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer (Iron Ring Ceremony) where they received their Iron Rings.
This event marks another milestone achieved by the AE class of 2023. Congratulations!