Foundation term

The Foundation Term is designed to provide students who are academically at-risk an opportunity to build the skills necessary to succeed in their university studies.

You’ll take a maximum of 3 courses – the 3 courses below will count toward your degree if you successfully complete the Foundation Term;

What is University 101?

University 101 is a 0.5 unit course taken as part of the Foundation Term.

How can University 101 - Foundation Term help?

Skill development to help you to be successful in university-level studies:

  • time management and organization
  • studying and writing papers
  • self awareness and critical thinking
  • note taking and reading

What can I expect in UNIV 101?

  • Practical Assignments
  • Hands On Lectures / Workshops that:
    • Show you new skills and strategies
    • Allow you to apply and practice them
    • Give you feedback on how to be more successful in the future

What are the conditions I have to meet to be part of the Foundation Term?

The Foundation Term is only open to students who have been given an academic standing decision of "conditional, at risk of being required to withdraw", or "failed, required to withdraw" and have been away from studies for at least 1 term before enrolling in the Foundation Term.

  • You must sign the Foundation Term contract
  • You must submit an Application for Readmission
  • You must achieve a minimum 60% in all UNIV 101
  • You must pass ENGL 140R and WS 101 and achieve an average of at least 65% in these two courses

Deadline to apply

Fall 2016 - TBD

What if I don’t meet the conditions?

Not meeting the conditions is very serious. You will not be permitted to continue your studies. You will be given the following academic decision: “Failed, may not continue in Faculty."


Please contact the Arts Undergraduate Office if you have questions about the foundation term.

Required Forms

You must submit the following contract and forms to the Arts Undergraduate Office in Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology (PAS) 2439.