Cut-leaf or Sharp-leaved or Atlantic Goldenrod

Solidago argutae leaf margin 9485 WATSolidago arguta Ait. is native in woods of eastern North American.  The S. arguta complex was studied by Gary Morton (1973 and other publications).  The large basal leaves with tapering bases and mid stem leaves have large sharp serrations.  Solidago harrisii was included as a variety in S. arguta by Semple & Cook (2006 FNA), but recent unpublished multivariate work indicates species status is appropriate.  The species includes diploids 2n=18 and tetraploids 2n=36.

Three varieties are recognized here, with the typical being northern and the other two being southern in distribution.

Solidago arguta range Semple draft

Morton, G. H. 1973. The Taxonomy of the Solidago arguta–boottii Complex. Ph.D. dissertation. University of Tennessee

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