Georgia Goldenrod

Solidago georgiana Semple is currently known from a single collection Zomlefer et al. 3785 (GA)  from Effingham Co., Georgia on the outer coastal plain (Semple 2017). It is characterized by its glabrate lower stem grading to a densely puberulent stem in the inflorescence, involucres about 5 mm high, phyllaries that are single-veined, and ray floret laminae about 4 mm long and ca 1.6 mm wide.  It is morphologically overall similar to S. porteri and S. roanensisZomlefer et al. 3785 (GA) was first identified as S. puberula and S. puberula ssp. pulverulenta (= S. pulverulenta), but the holotype lacks the very short canescent pubescence of those taxa and it has broader non-attenuate phyllaries. The chromosome number of the species is unknown.

Solidago georgiana was included a posteriori in a multivariate analysis of S. porteri, S. roanensis, S. squarrosa and S. villosicarpa (Semple et al. 2017).