Roan Mountain Goldenrod

Solidago roanensis Porter is native to the central and southern Appalachian Mts. (Semple & Cook 2006 FNA). It is characterized by its glabrate lower stem grading to a densely puberulent stem in the inflorescence.  Phyllaries are usually striate with ca 3 veins. The fruits are usually glabrous but sometimes sparsely strigose.  The species is diploid 2n=18.

Solidago roanensis range Semple draft

Semple et al. (2017) included S. roanensis in a multivariate study of the S. bicolor complex along with S. hispida, S. porteri, and S. sciaphila and more broadly S. erecta. Solidago roanensis was also included in a multivariate study of S. georgiana, S. porteri, S. roanensis, S. squarrosa and S. villosicarpa (Semple et al. 2017).