McVaugh's Goldenrod

Solidago macvaughii Nesom is a very rare species known only from two locations in northern Esdo. Aguascalientes, Mexico. The type specimen McVaugh 23663 (MICH!) came from "low ungrazed meadow with some permanent wet places" which may account for it being about 1 m tall.

Solidago macvaughii range Semple draftNesom (1989) first described the species and noted its similarities to S. velutina in S. subsect. Nemorales.  Semple (2018a) presented morphological reasons for including it as a close relative of S. pringlei and S. durangensis in the Tortifoliae group of S. subsect. Triplinerviae.   Solidago macvaughii retains some of its lower stem leaves which are senesced, pendant, brown to dark brown, twisted and are similar to those of S. pringlei, S. tortifolia, S. leavenworthii, and S. chilensis. The inner phyllaries of S. macvaughii are usually oblong to oblanceolate and have a broad hyaline margin like S. pringlei.  The holotype of Solidago macvaughii was included a posteriori in a multivariate study of S. altissima, S. juliae, S. pringlei, and S. veracruzensis (Semple 2018b) and was placed near the latter species.

The chromosome number is unknown