Veracruz Goldenrod

Solidago veracruzensis Semple is a recently described member of the Tortifoliae Groups of S. subsect. Triplinerviae occurring in central Veracruz state in Mexico with disjunct populations in southeastern Tamaulipas and central Oaxaca (Semple 2018).  It is similar to S. pringlei and S. macvaughii native to Nuevo León and Aguascalientes, Mexico, respectively, and S. altissima var. pluricephala native to the southeastern US.  It has slightly larger involucres and broader phyllaries than var. pluricephala, and its upper stem leaves usually have a few small serrations on the margins.  It has slightly larger involucres but fewer disc florets and longer mid stem leaves on average than S. pringlei.

Solidago veracruzensis  is native to disturbed oak and pine woods, roadsides, fields and relatively undisturbed grassland remnants at 650-2050 m ele.

Solidago veracruzensis range Semple draft

In a multivariate study including S. altissima, S. juliae, S. pringlei and S. veracruzensis, all specimens of S. veracruzensis were placed into S. veracruzensis in the a posteriori classificatory analysis in both the four species level a priori group analysis and in the analysis of the three varieties of S. altissima (var. altissima, var. gilvocancescens, and var. pluricephala) and S. veracruzensis (Semple 2018).

The ranges of S. durangensis, S. gypsophila, S. juliae, S. macvaughii, S. pringlei, and S. veracruzensis are allopatric in Mexico and the five species may represent vicariant derivatives of a single common ancestor.

The chromosome number is unknown.