Pringle's Goldenrod

Solidago pringlei Fernald is occurs in the vicinity of streams in central western Nuevo Leon and adjacent Coahuila, Mexico and appears to be relatively rare.  The species is closely related to S. macvaughii, S. durangensis, S. gypsophila, S. juliae and likely S. chilensis of South America.  The species was included in a multivariate morphometric analysis of species in the Tortifolia group of S. subsect. Triplinerviae by Semple and Lopez Laphitz (2016).  It is also likely closely related to S. veracruzensis.  It includes considerable variation in the amount of lower stem pubescent (0.05-0.15 mm long hairs) which is much denser on the upper stem.  Phyllaries vary from lanceolate to oblong in shape.  The inflorescence is the usual shape for members of the Tortifoliae group: usually much narrower than long and overall secund conical in shape, but can be wider than long when only a few heads are present.

Solidago pringlei range Semple draft

The name Solidago muelleri Standley is a synonym of S. pringlei (Semple and Lopez Laphitz 2016).

Solidago pringlei, S. juliae, S. altissima, and S. veracruzensis were included in a multivariate study by Semple (2018) and found to be  morphologically most distinct distinct from S. altissima and most similar to S. juliae.

The chromosome number is unknown.