Denise Mueller receives her second Friend of the Society Award

Monday, May 3, 2021

The Waterloo Engineering Society has, once again, named Chemical Engineering’s Undergraduate Advisor and Program Administrator, Denise Mueller, a Friend of the Society.

The Friend of the Society Award recognizes faculty and staff who have

  • advocated on behalf of students to eliminate elements that have a negative effects on student mental health,
  • shown a long-term commitment to and vested interest in the betterment of student mental health, and
  • taken action to directly improve the mental health of students.

With her first Friend of the Society Award in 2019, Denise became the first non-faculty member to have been awarded the honour. She is delighted to have been recognized a second time.

As evidenced by this student-nominated award, Denise’s efforts to support our undergraduate students have been noticed and appreciated – even as she has worked from home through the majority of the past year, as part of the University’s COVID-19 pandemic measures.

Whether she is taking time to carefully consider students’ schedules while planning classes and exams or dreaming up new activities to help them overcome the challenges that come with living away from home for the first time, Denise has the students’ interests at heart. And, while she strives to simplify academic life for each cohort, she also devotes considerable time to them as individuals.

Denise is often the first point of contact for our students, and she gets to know them as they continue through their studies. This personal connection makes her the go-to person for people who are facing difficulties, whether they need academic advising or emotional support. Denise is known for her kind and personable approach to helping students cope with the stresses of school and supporting their efforts to overcome their challenges and find success.

Denise is looking forward to being back in the office, where she enjoys the opportunity to engage with students and plan fun activities that encourage everyone to take time to enjoy one other’s company.

Denise Mueller, Chemical Engineering’s Undergraduate Advisor and Program Administrator.Chemical Engineering's Denise Mueller, repeat winner of the Waterloo Engineering Society's Friend of the Society Award.

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