Dr. Elisabeth Prince is a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering who is working on a solution to the challenge of non-degradable and non-recyclable plastics. Her innovative research in advanced materials has the potential to make a significant impact on sustainability and environmental remediation. It also supports Canada's aim of achieving zero plastic waste by 2030.

It was announced on February 21st by the Council of Ontario Universities that Prince has been awarded the John C. Polanyi Prize for her outstanding work in the field of natural sciences or engineering.

“I’m honoured to win this award. Many scientists that inspired me received this award early in their careers and went on to do great things, so it means a lot to be recognized as having that potential,” says Prince Director of the Prince Polymer Lab.

Prince's research group has developed a solution to make thermosets and rubbers easily recyclable within the current infrastructure by making minor adjustments to the formulation of these materials. This approach has the potential to enable the recycling of a wide range of currently non-recyclable materials including rubber tires, epoxy coatings, elastic bands, and more. Her disruptive research in advanced materials contributes to the creation of a circular economy.

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