Professor Rajinder Pal has been identified as a highly-ranked scholar in the field of Rheology by Scholar GPS, a California-based company owned by Meta, that analyses scholarly activity. Highly ranked scholars are among the top 0.05% or better worldwide.

Pal is ranked number six in the world (second in Canada) in the field of Rheology, the science of the deformation and flow of complex substances such as polymers, surfactants, gels, suspensions, emulsions, foams and more. Pal’s research focuses on the rheology and flow of complex fluids through both experimental work and modelling.

Pal’s work includes a vast collection of experimental rheological data for a diverse range of concentrated suspensions and emulsions, nanosuspensions, as well as nanoparticle and nanocrystal-thickened suspensions and emulsions. The extensive data collected in the lab has been used to evaluate and propose new rheological models.

The ranking is based on his lifetime scholarly contributions, publication record, and impact of research.