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Marios Ioannidis

Professor, Assoc Chair Undergraduate

Contact InformationMarios Ioannidis

Phone: 519-888-4567 x32914
Location: E6 3002


Biography Summary

Marios Ioannidis is a Chemical Engineering Professor and the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies at the University of Waterloo.

His research work involves understanding the performance of different classes of porous material in various engineering applications and how the macroscopic behaviour emerges from processes taking place at the pore scale. Professor Ioannidis’s research aims to improve the ability to engineer materials with desired macroscopic properties or to optimize a process for a specific class of porous media.

Conducted research on porous media transport addresses the characterization and modelling of the porous microstructure, specifically mass transfer from distributed sources in porous media. Professor Ioannidis is currently characterizing and modelling the structure of vuggy carbonate rocks, which are reservoirs for most of the world’s remaining hydrocarbon resources.

Capillary, wetting and flow properties of gas diffusion layers for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cells, is also a component of Professor Ioannidis’s research. It involves measuring and explaining the complex capillary wetting and flow properties of gas diffusion layer (GDL) materials, so that predictive modelling of PEM fuel cell performance may be enabled.

Research Interests

  • Nanotechnology
  • Interfacial Phenomena
  • Colloids & Porous Media
  • Transport Processes In Porous Materials
  • Characterization And Modelling Of The Porous Microstructure
  • Capillary Wetting And Flow Properties Of Gas Diffusion Layers For PEM Fuel Cell
  • Mass Transfer From/to Distributed Sources/sinks In Porous Media


  • 1993, Doctorate, PhD, University of Waterloo
  • 1989, Bachelor of Applied Science, Chemical Engineering, University of Patras


  • CHE 398 - Directed Research Project
  • CHE 101 - Chemical Engineering Concepts 2
  • CHE 402 - Seminar
  • CHE 298 - Directed Research Project
  • CHE 302 - Seminar
  • CHE 399 - Directed Research Project
  • CHE 201 - Seminar
  • CHE 301 - Seminar
  • CHE 498 - Directed Research Project
  • CHE 299 - Directed Research Project
  • CHE 401 - Seminar
  • CHE 499 - Elective Research Project
  • CHE 202 - Seminar
  • CHE 312 - Mathematics of Heat and Mass Transfer
  • CHE 514 - Fundamentals of Petroleum Production
  • NE 101 - Nanotechnology Engineering Practice
  • CHE 102 - Chemistry for Engineers
  • BME 384 - Biomedical Transport: Biofluids and Mass Transfer

Selected/Recent Publications

  • Bizmark, Navid and Ioannidis, Marios A, Ethyl Cellulose Nanoparticles at the Alkane--Water Interface and the Making of Pickering Emulsions, Langmuir, 33(40), 2017, 10568 - 10576
  • Han, Yining and Bizmark, Navid and Abukhdeir, Nasser Mohieddin and Ioannidis, Marios A, Dynamics of ethyl cellulose nanoparticle self-assembly at the interface of a nematic liquid crystal droplet, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19(36), 2017, 24955 - 24960
  • Salim, F and Ioannidis, M and Górecki, T, Experimentally validated mathematical model of analyte uptake by permeation passive samplers, Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 19(11), 2017, 1363 - 1373
  • Walton, Kenneth M and Unger, Andre JA and Ioannidis, Marios A and Parker, Beth L, Impact of eliminating fracture intersection nodes in multiphase compositional flow simulation, Water Resources Research, 53(4), 2017, 2917 - 2939
  • Ghanbarian, Behzad and Ioannidis, Marios A and Hunt, Allen G, Theoretical Insight Into the Empirical Tortuosity-Connectivity Factor in the Burdine-Brooks-Corey Water Relative Permeability Model, Water Resources Research, 2017