In addition to the standard print facilities provided by Engineering Computing the following list describes other departmental print facilities and how to access and use them. For further information on usage or reference material, contact Ravindra Singh.

Faculty, Staff, Grad Student and Visitor Printers

Please see Xerox copier, scanner, printer workcentres for a list of  Xerox Printers  available for faculty, staff and graduate students.

Undergraduate student network printing

The current list of available student network printers is:

Name: \\mediaprint2\Eng_ChE_E6-5022

Description: Hewlett-Packard (HP) M600 in Engineering 6 (E6) 5022 for fourth year undergraduates only.

To print using this printer you must have an active Wprint account with sufficient funds. You can submit print jobs via the web site Wprint or connect the printer to your PC via the Mediaprint2 server and print directly from Windows.

Web Print via

To submit a print job on the Web visit and select the Self Serve button on the right and sign into your Wprint account using your UWaterloo credentials and select Submit a Job. Then select the printer mediaprint2\eng_ChE_E6-5022, select your print options and then upload your document. 

Print Directly from Windows PC 

To connect to this printer copy/paste   \\mediaprint2  to the Windows Type here to search box and then double click the printer \\mediaprint2\Eng_ChE_E6-5022 to install an instance of this printer on Windows. You only need to do this once provided you sign out of your Windows account to save these settings to your profile. Then print using the standard windows print dialogs and select this printer.