Remote Access

Remote Access to Chemical Engineering Computers

Remote access from off campus through the UW campus firewall to Chemical Engineering computers on campus is provided by the campus VPN service. Once your remote computer is connected to the UW VPN server you can use your Remote Desktop Connection client to connect to any computer on campus provided you have been granted remote desktop access permissions to that computer. These computers include your office computer, departmental Remote Desktop servers,  and research  servers.

UW VPN Service

The VPN service connects your computing device to the campus computing network and provides your off campus computer with access to all UW computing services including file shares eg Nexus N: network drive, shared printers, remote desktop access to campus servers and workstations eg your office/research computer, all campus license application software, library services etc. The supported computing devices include Apple , Android, BlackBerry phones , tablets, laptops, desktop computers. Once connected you can read/edit  your UW n: drive documents on your remote computer, print to a campus printer, connect to a terminal server or campus workstation, run application software such as Matlab, Comsol, Aspen, Statistica on your remote computer and use library services. 

To use the VPN service you must

  1. Install a VPN client program such as the Cisco AnyConnect client from and run it and connect it to the VPN server
  2. When you are prompted for credentials enter them using your Quest/Watiam/Nexus userid without any Nexus\ prefix or suffix followed by your Quest/Watiam/Nexus password.
  3. Once connected to the VPN service you can mount your n: drive on your home computer, use the Remote Desktop Client program to connect to any campus server or workstation for which  you have remote desktop access permissions

To disconnect from the VPN session right click the VPN client and select Disconnect. 

For more information about UW VPN service see