(iv) Emergency Information

Telephone Numbers

Contact Phone Number
Fire and Ambulance 911
Waterloo Regional Police 911
UW Police and Security 22222 or 519-888-4911
Plant Operations 33793
Health Services (8:30 am-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday) 84096 or 519-888-4096
Poison Information Centre 6-1-800-268-9017
UW Director of Safety 35814
Chemical Spills 22222

Office, Ext.

Dept. Chair                                       E6 3036, x32295

Fire and other emergency situations

In Case of Fire:

  1. Leave fire area and close doors.
  2. Activate wall mounted fire alarm pull station located at exits.
  3. Attempt to extinguish fire only if you can do it safely.
  4. Report any information about fire to UW Police and Fire Department.

If You Are On Fire:

STOP where you are, DROP to the floor or ground and ROLL your body to smother the fire.

When Fire Alarm Sounds:

  1. Calmly evacuate the building. Do NOT use elevator.
  2. As time allows close windows and doors. Turn off cooking, electrical and laboratory equipment. Put on coat in winter for protection.
  3. Use an alternate exit, if you encounter smoke or fire.
  4. Follow instructions of emergency response services and fire wardens.
  5. Report anyone suspected of remaining in the building.
  6. Move away from building at least 30 meters, leaving clear access for emergency services.
  7. Do not re-enter the building until authorized by Fire Department or UW Police.

If Unable To Evacuate:

  1. Call 911 giving your location.
  2. A closed door can provide good protection against fire and smoke. Use available materials to seal door and air ducts.
  3. If smoke enters room, stay low as heat and gases tend to rise.
  4. Signal your position at a window.

Persons with mobility difficulties or who uses a wheelchair should move to an area of refuge (stairwell, room with phone).

Controlled Evacuation

In non-fire situations threatening safety, such as building services interruption or hazardous material spill, buildings are evacuated under direction of UW Police, fire wardens and emergency response services. 

UW Police or Hazardous Material Spill - x22222 or 519-888-4911

Fire evacuation routes

In E6, the evacuation procedure is to go to the nearest stairwell, take the stairs to ground level and exit by the door at the bottom of the chosen stair.

Faculty Evacuation Coordinator: Karen Dubois (x42447)

Building Evacuation Coordinators: Ralph Dickhout (x33311), Dennis Herman (x32196)

Fire Wardens:

Name Phone Area assignment Door assignment
Bert Habicher x 36782 1-1 D-3
Ron Neill x 33221 1-2 D-3
Ravindra Singh x 33139 2-1 D-1
Dennis Herman x 32196 2-2 D-1
Pauline Ferfolja x 39269 3-1 D-4
Judy Caron x 32620 3-1 D-4
Elizabeth Bevan x 32296 4-1 D-2
Ellen Gong x 36180 4-2 D-2
Colleen Mechler x 30268 5-1 D-2
Tom Dean x 31166 5-2 D-2

Evacuation procedures for Chemical Engineering workers in University buildings other than E6

Chemical engineering personnel are now working in a number of buildings besides E6, notably QNC, DWE, ESC, C2 and PHY buildings. It is important for those workers to follow all the mandatory safety requirements for the department.  However, detailed building evacuation plans are not included in this manual for buildings other than E6. In the event of an evacuation, workers in these other buildings should check the specific plans (evacuation routes) for the department or departments administering the buildings that they work in and follow the instructions given

Health & safety consultants and resource people

The following people may be contacted for advice on the health and safety matters that lie in their areas of responsibility.  (This list was last updated in August, 2006.)  They would also be pleased to receive your suggestions (e.g., improved procedures, etc.) and to hear of your particular concerns; however, you should discuss your concerns with your supervisor first.

Department of Chemical Engineering

Members of the Health & Safety Subcommittee of the Technical Services Committee are appointed biannually.  See Ralph Dickhout (E6 3102, x33311) or Liz Bevan (E6 3032, x32296) for the current list.

University of Waterloo

Director of Health Services HS x 34068
Director of Safety COM 106   x 35814
Environmental Health Co-ord. COM 108C           x 36268
WHMIS Co-ord.   COM 108B     x 35613

Other contacts

Health Services x 36264
Safety Office x 33587
Federation of Students x 32478
UW Police Services x 33211