(vi) Document History

Information and background material used in preparing the first edition of this Manual was obtained from many sources (safety newsletters, booklets, etc.), including universities in Canada and the United States. Although all the resource persons and documents were informative and useful, this manual makes frequent use of material from three particular sources, which I gratefully acknowledge: (1) Nick Ozaruk, Director of Safety, University of Waterloo; (2) W. G. Gilday, Health and Safety Officer, York University (York’s Science Health and Safety Manual) and (3) Prof. D.G. Macdonald, Chemical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan (Safety Handbook, Chem. Eng., Univ. Sask.).

Many persons in the Department of Chemical Engineering offered helpful advice and assistance in bringing the first edition (Nov. 1985) to fruition. I particularly thank Professor R.Y.M. Huang and the members of the ad hoc advisory committee, who reviewed its contents: Professors R.R. Hudgins and T.Z. Fahidy; technicians N. Milne and J. Wassing; graduate students H. Allsop and W. Mortimer.  In addition, I gratefully acknowledge the useful comments and advice offered by graduate students S. Keeler and D.G. Allen, and by the then current members of the Department’s Health and Safety Subcommittee during the course of the preparation of the second edition (April, 1987). However, I am solely responsible for any errors that may appear in the Manual.

C.W. Robinson


November, 1985

April, 1987

The third edition of this Manual provides updated names, OHSA legislation, and safety policies. Much time has been spent editing and reformatting the document to improve its readability, including the figures, which were digitally scanned and touched up. We are grateful to Dr. Robinson for thoroughly editing this edition and to the Chemical Engineering Health and Safety Subcommittee for reviewing and approving it. The University of Waterloo Safety Office offered much advice and assistance with updating safety information and OHSA legislation. Jean Isachenko and Marguarite Knechtel assisted with laser printing, and Denise Mueller coordinated the distribution of this Manual. Thank you for making this project a pleasure to remember.

R. Dickhout

M. Vadera


October, 1995

The fourth edition of this Manual provides updated names, telephone numbers, safety programs, and safety policies. Contents in this manual have been updated to current standards with the help from the Safety Office. OHSA Regulation numbers have been removed to reduce confusion, but instead referenced as OHSA.

R. Kwan

I. Fraser


August, 2006

Updated April - 2017 by the Chemical Engineering Safety Committee.

Revision History:

1st Edition: prepared November 1985 by C.W. Robinson

2nd Edition: prepared April 1987 by C.W. Robinson

Updated: February 1992

3rd Edition: prepared September 1995 by M. Vadera and R. Dickhout

Updated: September 1997

Updated: September 1998

Updated: July 1999

Updated: March 2002

4th Edition: prepared August 2006 by R. Kwan and I. Fraser

Updated January 2012

Updated March 2013

Updated March 2014

Updated May 2015

Updated March 2016

Updated March 2017

Updated June 2018

Updated June 2019

Approved and adopted: Department Safety Committee Meeting, June 25th, 2019