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Contact InformationMark Knight

Phone: 519-888-4567 x36919
Location: E2 2343A


Biography Summary

Mark Knight is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, as well as the Executive Director for the Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies at the University of Waterloo.

He specializes in buried pipeline soil structure interaction, buried municipal water and waste water pipeline condition assessment, repair, renovation and construction using trenchless technologies. Professor Knight is the developer of the System Dynamics Financially Sustainable Buried Infrastructure Asset Management tool, BoreAid, PPI- BoreAid, PPI-PACE and CIPP CALC.

PPI-PACE is an online tool developed for and released by the Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI). The purpose of this tool is to assist industry professionals in the evaluation and selection of Polyethylene (PE) pipe for pressurized water distribution and transmission main systems by completing design calculations.

Professor Knight holds a patent for the Centrifugal Permeametor. This invention provides a sample chamber for a centrifugal permearmeter in order to test permeant conductivity of a porous sample. He is also the contributor and editor in “Trenchless Technology: Planning Equipment and Methods” (published 2013) on the chapter Horizontal Directional Drilling and Project Planning.

Research Interests

  • Trenchless technologies
  • Buried Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Centrifuge Modelling and Testing
  • Unsaturated Flow in Soils
  • Contaminate Transport
  • Pavement Design and Field Instrumentation
  • Water


  • 1996, Doctorate, Civil Engineering, Queen's University
  • 1992, Master's, Civil Engineering, University of New Brunswick
  • 1984, Bachelor's, Geological Engineering, University of New Brunswick

Selected/Recent Publications

  • Rehan, Rashid; Unger, Andre; Knight, Mark A.; Haas, Carl, Strategic Water Utility Management and Financial Planning Using a New System Dynamics Tool, Journal American Water Works Association, 107(1), 2015, E22 - E26
  • Rehan, R., Knight, M.A.’ Haas, C. T., and Unger, J. A., Development of a system dynamics model for financially sustainable management of municipal watermain networks, Water Research, 47(20), 2013, 7184 - 7205
  • Knight, M.A., Moggach, K., and Sarrami, K., Field and Laboratory Study on Potable Water Renewal Using Cement Mortar Lining, NoDig 2008, April 2008, Dallas Texas, 1 - 10
  • Randall Cooper, Envirologics Mark Knight, University of Waterloo, ASCE Pipelines 2013, 834 manuscript pages (Accepted in 2013)
  • Mark Knight, Chapter 5 of Cost estimating/planning and scheduling for Trenchless Technology,, McGraw Hill, Mohammad Najafi,
  • Mark Knight, Design of HDPE pipes installed with directional drills, November 2012, St Johns Newfoundland.
  • Rashid Rehan, Mark Knight, Andre Unger, Carl Haas, Development of a system dynamics Water and wastewater asset management model, Trenchless Roadshow 2012, June 2012, Niagara Falls 2012. (Accepted in 2012)
  • Dr. Rizwan Younis; Dr. Mark Knight; Neil Banerjee; and Reg Franklin, Phase II: Impacts of Sewer Cleaning Jets on PE Gas Pipe, 81 manuscript pages
  • C.D.F. Rogers (Professor of Geotechnical Engineering) School of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK M.A. Knight (Associate Professor) Department Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, The evolution of international trenchless technology research coordination and dissemination, 5 manuscript pages
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