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Jatin Nathwani


Contact InformationJatin Nathwani

Phone: 519-888-4567 x38252
Location: CPH 4342


Biography Summary

Jatin Nathwani, Professor and Ontario Research Chair in Public Policy for Sustainable Energy is the founding Executive Director of the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE) at University of Waterloo. He is cross appointed to the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Environment. In the Faculty of Engineering, he is cross appointed to the Department of Management Sciences and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Professor Nathwani joined the University of Waterloo in 2007.

Professor Nathwani is currently leading a ‘Global Change Initiative - Affordable Energy for Humanity’ to address the challenge of enabling universal access. The focus of this global collaborative effort involves leading universities around the world. The twin goals are to drive the scientific and technological innovations required for energy transitions to a cleaner ‘low carbon’ energy system and to deliver affordable energy to the vast proportion of humanity that has minimal access to electricity and modern fuels for basic needs.

Professor Nathwani’s research interests include energy policy developments, entrepreneurial business innovations for sustainable energy solutions, life-cycle risk management of energy systems, decision-frameworks for managing life safety risks and assessment of strategies and policy instruments for achieving environmental objectives. He has contributed to national and global strategic planning initiatives for sustainability of energy options, including smart energy networks and grids.

He serves on several boards at the provincial and national levels including the Ontario Smart Grid Forum, the Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) and the Council for Clean and Reliable Electricity (CCRE). He is the Scientific Advisor to the Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI), a partnership of the Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo.

Professor Nathwani has appeared frequently in the media and has over 100 publications related to energy and risk management, including 7 books.

Research Interests

  • Engineering Design and Operation
  • Optimization of Safety and Economics
  • Planning for Energy Infrastructure
  • Risk Assessment
  • Engineering Code of Practice
  • Science and Energy Policy
  • Data Analytics Research


  • 1980, P. Eng., P. Eng., Ontario
  • 1979, Doctorate, Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
  • 1976, Master's, Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
  • 1974, Bachelor's, Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto


  • AE 224 - Probability and Statistics
    • Taught in 2021
  • MSCI 433 - Applic. of Management Eng.
    • Taught in 2021
  • MSCI 760 - Topics Other Areas of Mgmt Sci
    • Taught in 2017, 2019, 2020
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Selected/Recent Publications

  • Hosseinpour, M., Soltani, M., Noofeli, A., and Nathwani, J., An optimization study on heavy oil upgrading in supercritical water through the response surface methodology, Fuel, 271(117618), 2020
  • Nathwani,J., Geothermal Energy Resources: An Antidote to the Unbridled Extraction of Fossil Fuels, Journal of Engineering Sciences, 1(1), 2020, 7 - 8
  • Jafarizadeh,H., Soltani,M., and Nathwani,J., Assessment of the Huntorf compressed air energy storage plant performance under enhanced modifications, Energy Conversion and Management, 209(112662), 2020
  • Mahbaz,S.B., Dehghani-Sanij,A.R., Dusseault, M., and Nathwani, J., Enhanced and integrated geothermal systems for sustainable development of Canada’s northern communities, Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 37(100565), 2020
  • Babaei,S.M., Razmi,A.R., Soltani,M., and Nathwani,J., Quantifying the effect of nanoparticles addition to a hybrid refrigeration cycle, Journal of Cleaner Production, 260(121084), 2020
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  • March 17, 2011 The Agenda with Steve Paikin TVO National TV Panel Discussion "Part III in The Agenda's "Pressures of Progress" series: Ontario is trying to become a world leader in green technology. And while the McGuinty Liberals believe it's the future, citizens and industry aren't fully buying in. Do we all want to go green, until it happens?" J. Nathwani.
  • J. Nathwani, Managing risk in the public interest. Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy (OCEPP) The Journal of Policy Engagement Vol 2(3) pp. 5-7, June 2010.

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