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Sigrid Peldszus

Research Associate Professor

Contact InformationSigrid Peldszus

Biography Summary

Sigrid Peldszus is a Research Associate Professor at the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Water Treatment in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

She has conducted applied research in drinking water treatment for more than 20 years at bench and at pilot scale – often in collaboration with industrial partners. Dr. Peldszus’s research focuses on treatment of organic contaminants and on the mitigation of fouling in membrane processes. She has investigated removal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products by a range of conventional and advanced drinking water treatment processes. More recently she is studying conventional and alternative adsorbents for treatment of perfluorinated compounds, taste and odour compounds, and cyanotoxins, the latter being produced more frequently by ‘algae’ blooms in lakes in North America. Predictive tools for organic contaminant removals by oxidation processes are also under development. In terms of membrane processes past and current activities aim to reduce energy requirements by studying factors leading to membrane fouling on a range of different types of membranes and by controlling membrane fouling for example by biofiltration pre-treatment. At the moment, Dr. Peldszus’ research is being funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC).

Research Interests

  • Drinking and waste water treatment
  • Environmental & Water Resources
  • Models Predicting Organic Micropollutant Removals by Oxidation Processes
  • Educidate Factors leading to Fouling of Low and High Pressure Membranes
  • Fouling Mitigation

Selected/Recent Publications

  • Halle, Cynthia and Huck, Peter M and Peldszus, Sigrid, Emerging Contaminant Removal by Biofiltration: Temperature, Concentration, and EBCT Impacts, JOURNAL AWWA, 107, 2015
  • Du, Jennifer Runhong and Peldszus, Sigrid and Huck, Peter M and Feng, Xianshe, Modification of membrane surfaces via microswelling for fouling control in drinking water treatment, Journal of Membrane Science, 475, 2015, 488 - 495
  • Jin, Xiaohui and Peldszus, Sigrid and Huck, Peter M, Predicting the reaction rate constants of micropollutants with hydroxyl radicals in water using QSPR modeling, Chemosphere, 138, 2015, 1 - 9
  • Halle, Cynthia and Huck, Peter M and Peldszus, Sigrid and others, Emerging Contaminant Removal by Biofiltration: Temperature, Concentration, and EBCT Impacts (PDF), Journal-American Water Works Association, 107(7), 2015
  • Jin, Xiaohui and Peldszus, Sigrid and Sparkes, Douglas I, Modeling Ozone Reaction Rate Constants of Micropollutants Using Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships, Ozone: Science & Engineering, 36(4), 2014, 289 - 302

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