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Bill Annable

Associate Professor

Contact InformationBill Annable

Phone: 519-888-4567 x32955
Location: DWE 1434


Biography Summary

William (Bill) K. Annable is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He is affiliated with Professional Engineers of Ontario, the Association of Professional Geoscientist of Ontario, the American Geophysical Union, the Geological Society of America, and the International Association of Hydrogeologists.

He has been researching the hydraulic, sediment transport and morphological characteristics of rivers for over the past 18 years. In addition, he has been designing, monitoring and supervising the construction of natural channel restoration projects throughout North America - totalling over 2,500km of streams and rivers studied and over 180km of restored river channels.

Professor Annable’s recent research has focused on the sediment transport characteristics of urban river systems and how changes in hydrology affect habitat dynamics. He is specifically interested in river restoration, rehabilitation and aquatic habitat improvements. The study of basin scale isotope hydrology and sediment transport of non-point source contaminants, along with conducting numerical and field studies of groundwater surface water interaction and karst hydrology are other interests of his as well. Additionally, Professor Annable conducts field and numerical modelling studies on urban river mechanics, hydraulics and hydrology.

His current sources of research funding are from NSERC, CFI, EPA, Water Districts, Municipalities, and DFO.

Research Interests

  • River Hydraulics and Sediment Transport
  • River Restoration
  • Flood Management
  • Ecohydraulics
  • Karst Hydrology
  • Environmental monitoring


  • 2010, Doctorate, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University
  • 2003, Doctorate, Earth Sciences, University of Waterloo
  • 1995, Master's, School of Engineering, University of Guelph
  • 1993, Master's, Earth Sciences, University of Waterloo
  • 1990, Bachelor's, Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo
  • 1987, Bachelor's, Physics, University of Waterloo


  • CIVE 280 - Fluid Mechanics
    • Taught in 2018
  • CIVE 770 - Topics in Environmental Eng
    • Taught in 2017, 2021
  • ENVE 330 - Lab Analy & Field Sampl Techn
    • Taught in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021
  • ENVE 383 - Advanced Hydrol & Hydraulics
    • Taught in 2019, 2020
* Only courses taught in the past 5 years are displayed.

Selected/Recent Publications

  • O'Brien NL, DH Burn, WK Annable, PJ Thompson, Trend Detection in the Presence of Positive and Negative Serial Correlation: A Comparison of Block Maxima and Peaks-over-Threshold Data, Water Resources Research, Accepted: March, 2021, 28p. DOI: 10.1029/2020WR028886 (Accepted in 2021)
  • McKie CW, C Juez, BD Plumb, WK Annable, MJ Franca, How large immobile sediments in gravel bed rivers impact sediment transport and bed morphology, Submitted to Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2021, 147(2): 04020096, DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)HY.1943-7900.0001842. (Accepted in 2020)
  • Plumb, B., C. Juez, WK. Annable, C. McKie, M. Franca, 2019, The impact of hydrograph variability and frequency on sediment transport dynamics in a gravel-bed flume, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Article ID. ESP4770, DOI: 10.1002/esp.4770, Accepted, November, 2019. (Accepted in 2019)
  • Gostner, W, WK Annable, A. Schleiss, M. Paternolli, 2019, A case-study evaluating river rehabilitation alternatives and habitat heterogeneity using the hydro-morphological index of diversity, (Accepted in 2019)
  • Brignoli, L, WK Annable, BD Plumb, 2018, Assessing the accuracy of vegetative roughness estimates using unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs], Ecological Engineering, 118, 73-83. (Accepted in 2018)
  • Plumb,BD, WK Annable, PJ Thompson, MA Hassan, The impact of urbanization on temporal changes in sediment transport in a gravel-bed channel in Southern Ontario, Canada, Water Resources Research, Vol (53), pp 8443–8458.DOI: 10.1002/2016WR020288 Research (Accepted in 2017)
  • Muirhead, JW and Annable, WK, Limitations in Extraction of Survey Data from Real-Time Kinematic GPS ADCP Systems, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 140(8), 2014
  • Annable, WK and Watson, CC and Thompson, PJ, Quasi-equilibrium conditions of urban gravel-bed stream channels in southern Ontario, Canada, River research and applications, 28(3), 2012, 302 - 325
  • Berteni, F, BD Plumb, WK Annable, G Grossi, 2018, Using high-resolution bedload transport tracer measurements to investigate the characteristics of bedload transport over a large urban flood event, RiverFlow 2018, Lyon, France, September 5 - 8, 2018 (Accepted in 2018)
  • Plumb, Ben and Franca, Mário and Juez, Carmelo and Schleiss, Anton and Annable, William, The impact of hydrograph variability and frequency on the morphodynamics of gravel-bed rivers, EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, January 2016
  • Annable, W.K., 2001, Technical Approach, Methods of Analysis: Engineering, In: Adaptive Management of Stream Corridors in Ontario, Appendix F3, Queen's Printer for Ontario, ISBN 0-9688196-0-5, pp. AF3 1-15 (Accepted in 2001)
  • Annable, W.K., 2001, Technical Approach, Methods of Analysis: Geomorphology, In: Adaptive Management of Stream Corridors in Ontario, Appendix F4, Queen's Printer for Ontario, ISBN 0-9688196-0-5, pp. AF4 1-18 (Accepted in 2001)
  • Annable, W.K., 1996, Database of morphologic characteristics of watercourses in Southern Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Queens Printer for Ontario, ISBN # 0-7778-5113-1, 212 p. (Accepted in 1996)
  • Authority, Credit Valley Conservation and Ontario. Ministry of Natural Resources and Annable, William Kenneth, Morphologic relationships of rural watercourses in Southern Ontario and selected field methods in fluvial geomorphology,

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