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Our alumni are well prepared to launch an entrepreneurial career; alumni commonly start and run their own companies, work for startups, act as consultants, find roles within the entrepreneurship ecosystem, or join larger companies in innovative roles.

Curiato, Entrepreneurship Minor '16 and MBET '17

Curiato is a health tech startup that is tackling the problem and developing smart products to prevent and manage pressure wounds.

Penta Medical, BET 300

Penta Medical is helping pro-athletes stay in the game.

Demine Robotics, MBET '17

Demine Robotics is building robots with a humanitarian mission.

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Featured Conrad School Alumni

Majik Systems, Michael Tatham and Kamal Aman (E Co-op, MBET)

MAJiK’s mission is to provide manufacturers with real-time information to Monitor, Analyze, and Optimize their operations. This is done through MAJiK’s proprietary IIOT software solution which seamlessly connects directly to capital equipment in plants. Keep up to date with Majik's success, including a recent expansion into the mining industry.

Vena Medical, Michael Phillips and Phillip Cooper (BETS Employers)

Vena Medical, which grew out of a Capstone Design project by Michael Phillips and Phillip Cooper when they were classmates in the mechanical engineering program, earned Health Canada approval earlier this year for hardware it calls the Vena Balloon Distal Access Catheter (BDAC).

Now the device has been used by surgeons at hospitals in London and Ottawa to remove blood clots and restore blood flow as quickly as possible for five patients.

1Mentor, Esteban Veintimilla (MBET '22)

Clearpath Robotics, Matt Rendall (MBET '09)

RideCo, Prem Gururajan (MBET '04)