Discover work-integrated learning

Work-integrated learning (WIL) is a model and process of curricular experiential education which formally and intentionally integrates a student’s academic studies within a workplace or practice setting. WIL experiences include an engaged partnership of at least: an academic institution, a host organization and a student. WIL can occur at the course or program level and includes the development of learning outcomes related to employability, personal agency and life-long learning (CEWIL Canada, 2018).

Instructors can use WIL to create meaningful learning experiences for Waterloo students through engagement with work or community partners. Students can complete coursework and/or program requirements through WIL while simultaneously making meaningful contributions to partner organizations. 

Partners facilitating WIL can benefit from Waterloo students' relevant knowledge, skills and innovative perspectives. Consider the following common WIL scenarios and how they might benefit your organization: 

  • You can bring your organization's tough problems to a classroom and work with student teams to solve them
  • You can invite students into the community to affect social change and improve the lives of others
  • You can hire students for flexible, short-term, project-based work

WIL can lead to incredibly valuable opportunities, and the core of each WIL experience is a partnership between a course instructor and a work or community partner. If you're interested in exploring further engagement with WIL at Waterloo, we recommend filling out the appropriate form below.

Courses seeking partnership

WIL provides dynamic experiences for students to apply their knowledge and make a difference within the community. If you have a course or program that could benefit from the integration of WIL, complete the Instructor Connect form.

Partners seeking courses

WIL connects your organization with students that are ready to take on new challenges and make valuable contributions in a real-world context. If you have a need within your organization a student or student teams could fill, complete the Partner Connect form.