Submitting experiences for pre-approval

Pre-approving your experience as an EDGE milestone makes it easier for students to find meaningful opportunities on- and off-campus. We maintain a list of all pre-approved EDGE experiences on our website for student use, so pre-approval can help draw engaged students to your department or organization.

Experiences need to satisfy the following criteria to receive pre-approval:

  • Students need to complete at least 36 hours of experiential learning (paid or volunteer) as part of the experience in a given term.
  • Students need to complete their learning under the supervision of an employer, supervisor, coach, or similar authority figure. The reporting relationship can exist between students if a peer is responsible for monitoring the performance of another student (e.g. a student society).
  • The supervisor needs to complete an evaluation of student performance at the end of the experience. If you want to pre-approve an experience but don't have a feedback process in place, you need to agree to adopt EDGE's student performance feedback form. If a feedback process already exists, EDGE will accept your existing evaluation form.

If you want to ask a question about pre-approval or add your experience to our database, contact us at