Prospective students

If you're a student interested in choosing a regular (non-co-op) program at Waterloo, you may also want to consider EDGE, our experiential education certificate. EDGE helps you make the most of your time here on campus by turning your activities inside and outside the classroom — including some academic courses, part-time work, summer jobs, volunteer roles, extracurriculars, and other pursuits — into high-quality learning experiences. 

Participating in EDGE will help you develop key professional skills, explore your career options, and market yourself to potential employers. The best thing is that it's designed to fit into your Waterloo journey without changing your plans. EDGE is voluntary, flexible, and free to complete, so you can work through the certificate at your own pace.

How will you benefit by completing EDGE?

  • Recognizing and communicating the skills you've developed through academics, extracurriculars, and paid employment when talking to employers 
  • Learning how to write résumés, succeed in interviews, and find work that matches your values, skills, and interests
  • Gaining experience in your choice of work or volunteer opportunities
  • Completing online professional development courses to improve soft skills like communication and teamwork
  • Receive comprehensive evaluations from your supervisors and reflect on what you learn through your experiences
  • Create a plan of action for your goals after graduation

What do you need to do to complete EDGE?

You need to complete a total of six milestones to finish EDGE. You can complete these milestones during any term, at your own pace, and in almost any order. 

Skills identification and articulation workshop

The skills workshop is offered as a standalone session facilitated by a career advisor from the Centre for Career Action. You'll practice recognizing your skills and expressing them to employers in a confident, concise way.

Career development course

The career development course is offered online by the Waterloo Professional Development Program (WatPD) as PD1 EDGE. This course helps you develop core career skills like résumé writing, interviewing, and searching for opportunities.

Three work or community experiences

Work and community experiences are the heart of EDGE. Almost anything can serve as an experience — including full- or part-time employment, volunteering, extracurriculars, and some academic courses — as long as it meets our criteria. Reflection and evaluation are important parts of these experiences.

Capstone workshop

The capstone workshop is offered as a standalone session facilitated by a career advisor from the Centre for Career Action. This workshop helps you reflect on your undergraduate journey to determine "what's next?" You'll leave the workshop with a plan of action to achieve your post-graduation goals.

How do you register for EDGE?

When you're ready to take the leap, registering for EDGE is easy — just fill out our online registration form. You're eligible to complete EDGE as long as you're enrolled in a regular program of study (non-co-op) and registering during a degree term.

If you have any questions about EDGE, contact us at or fill out the online feedback form. We're happy to help!