Education Program for Photonics Professionals


Light is the tool of the future. Emerging optical and photonics technologies are making the extraordinary a daily event: Robots cut and weld quickly and with superhuman precision. Biologists view and manipulate single cells. Cameras capture our world in unprecidented detail. Surgeons restore vision. Why, photonics even brought you this webpage!

While it has become such an important part of our daily lives, the rise of optics and photonics has been quite sudden. Many people in technical fields now find themselves lacking vital knowledge as photonics enters their workplace. We can help. The Education Program for Photonics Professionals (EP3) is a professional development program designed to teach the fundamentals of this exciting new field. We give employers the means to strengthen their workforce. We give professionals the tools they need to advance their careers.

In the world of technology, only those who learn today will survive to lead tomorrow. Don't get left in the dark! Let us show you what optics and photonics can do for you.