Photonics courses and lab descriptions

Introduction to optics

Subtopics: mathematical review, basic physical and geometrical optics, mirrors, prisms, thin lenses, waves, 2 slit interference, Fraunhoffer 1-D diffraction

Physical optics

Subtopics: two dimensional diffraction, spatial coherence, thin films, polarization

Optical design

Subtopics: thick lens systems and spherical mirrors, aberration theory, lens design, image quality

Radiometry and photometry

Subtopics: principles and terminology, detectors, lighting and illumination, spectrally resolved measurement, colorimetry, optical and laser safety

Lasers and electro-optics

Subtopics: laser cavities, amplification, Gaussian beams, electro-optic and acousto-optic principles and devices

Optical communications

Subtopics: fiber optics, semiconductor lasers and detectors, passive and active photonic devices, component fabrication and characterization, optical fiber system architecture

Laboratory modules

Subtopics: behaviour of light at an interface, polarization, thin lens imaging, radiometric and photometric measurement and conversion, optical image processing, diffraction gratings, compound lens systems, numerical and manual ray-tracing, acousto-optic modulation, gas laser construction, gaussian beam propagation, fibre optic apparatus