David Yevick, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Course outline

  1. Overview of optical communication systems
    • Systems and system components
    • Simulation tools
    • Persistent threat detection system (PTDS) modeling

  2. Materials and device processing techniques
    • Elements of semiconductor device fabrication
    • Optical fibre fabrication
  3. Light and pulse propagation in optical fibres
    • Optical fibre modes
    • Single mode fibres
    • Attenuation and dispersion
    • Mode coupling
    • Profile optimizations
    • Measurement techniques
  4. Optical sources and detectors
    • Light emitting diode (LEDs)
    • Photodetectors
    • Laser diodes
    • Optical amplifiers
    • Device characterization
  5. Theory of optical and electronic communication systems
    • Sources of noise and error in digital systems
    • Estimating bit error rate and error correction in digital systems
    • Coding and modulation in digital systems
    • Analog systems
    • System simulation with PTDS
    • Optical system measurement
  6. Wavelength-division multiplexing Systems
  7. Introduction to optical networks