AKCS Investigation of Compressor Trains Pressurization

Laura Parsons and Amrita Yasin
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AKCS Offshore Partner, located in St. John’s Newfoundland, provides engineering, procurement and construction services to the offshore oil and gas industry in Newfoundland, Labrador and Atlantic Canada. A client of AKCS Offshore Partner was concerned with the time it took to pressurize the compressor trains in their offshore oil production facility. The compressor trains are used to re-inject gas into the well for storage. A portion of the same gas is flared to provide energy to operate the trains. Less time is desirable because it enables faster start-up and saves energy and thus money to run the compressor trains.Flow Chart of Compressor Trains

Laura Parsons, a chemical engineering student at the University of Waterloo worked with the Process Department at AKCS. She was asked to investigate this matter and determine the effect of altering the pressurization method and resizing of equipment on the time it takes to pressurize the compressor trains. 

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This case study is intended for use in chemical and/or mechanical engineering courses covering topics such as thermodynamics, mass transfer or process equipment.

Key words: 
Input streams; Output streams; Flow diagram; Step-by-step pressurization; Continuous pressurization; Mach number
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Module 01 - Case Study
Module 02 - Compressor Modeling (Restricted to educators only)
Module TN - Teaching Note (Restricted to educators only)

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