dotLab® System Industrial Design

Adam Liederman, Carla Ring-Herron, Lahay Gil, Ray Cracauer and Oscar Nespoli
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15 pages

Axela Inc. (Axela), located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, designs, manufactures and markets sophisticated research laboratory equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In 2006, Axela developed proprietary technology that reduced the time and effort associated with the characterization of biomolecular interactions, specifically, the analysis of proteins.  Axela developed a functional prototype based on their technology and made plans to commercialize the product.  Ray Cracauer, Director of Engineering, recognized the importance of addressing the industrial design aspects of the prototype and, not having a complete expertise in-house, decided to engage Kangaroo Design as a consultant.

dotLab engineering prototype

Figure 1 – Photograph of the dotLab® Engineering Prototype



Key words: 
Industrial design; prototype; need analysis; conceptual design
CEAB attributes: 
Module 01 – Case Study
Module 02 – Need Analysis
Module 03 – Conceptual Design

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