Hamilton Water Distribution System Design

Johnathan Nault and Alan Bowden
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The City of Hamilton’s Public Works department is responsible for managing Hamilton’s public services and infrastructure, with specific focus on: water and wastewater, traffic engineering, and public transit. The Environment and Sustainable Infrastructure (ESI) Department, within Public Works, is responsible for Hamilton’s water and wastewater distribution services. Following routine condition assessments conducted by ESI, a section of Hamilton’s water distribution system located along 100m of Green Road in Stoney Creek, shown in Figure 1, was scheduled for replacement. However, Public Works requires a new water distribution system design for this specific location prior to replacement.

Project Location along Green Road Facing North

Johnathan Nault, a civil engineering co-op student from the University of Waterloo working with the Public Works department, was tasked with providing the City of Hamilton with a sustainable and optimal design solution

Learning objectives: 

This case study is intended to demonstrate real life decision making related to water distribution system design. Relevant University of Waterloo engineering courses could include: Civil and Environmental Engineering Concepts (CIVE 125 and ENVE 100), Engineering and Sustainable Development (CIVE 240), and Design of Urban Water Systems (CIVE 583). The learning objectives of this case study are to: identify social, economic, and environmental factors within the decision making process, develop a needs analysis for the situation of concern, develop a conceptual design (follow requirements and constraints to develop suitable solutions), determine a final design that is both feasible and sustainable

Key words: 
Fluid mechanics, urban water system design, sanitary sewer, hydraulics.
CEAB attributes: 
Problem Analysis, Economics and Project Management, Creativity, Impact of Engineering on Society and the Environment, Design, Individual and Team Work, Communication Skills.
Module-01 – Case Study
Module-02 – Criterion Selection and Weighting
Module-03 – Potential Design Solutions
Module-04 – Design Analysis and Selection

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