Highway Detour Design Analysis

Cameron Berko and Cheryl Pearce
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10 pages (Case Study)

Cameron Berko, a co-op student from the University of Waterloo, worked as part of a team in the Transportation Department at a renowned engineering consulting firm. The Transportation Department was responsible for the design, drafting, review, and submittal of contract packages for various projects in the field of transportation engineering. The consulting firm was awarded a project to propose and design alternatives to replace two corrugated steel pipe arch (CSPA) culverts with a single concrete box culvert below a section of rural highway in Ontario. A field review indicated the pipes were rusted and decayed, warranting replacement in the immediate future; however, this activity presents a significant impact on the functionality of the highway over a short period of time. While this impact would be limited by the project’s relatively short duration, the issue of traffic movement and control during the project lifespan had to be addressed. The need for a traffic detour plan for the specific section of undivided highway in question was identified by the client1. An acceptable detour design must provide motorists with a safely traversable highway detour.

Culvert replacement project location

Cameron Berko was asked to evaluate existing detour plans and recommend an optimal approach based on specific detour design and performance criteria.

Learning objectives: 

The teaching objective of this case is to illustrate topics in transportation, highway detour design, and traffic analysis.  The case can be used to illustrate the design process.  It could be used to complement lecture material, specifically in CIVE 343 (Traffic Engineering), and CIVE 342 (Transportation Principles and Applications).  The case could be used as an example of the design process in CIVE 125 (Civil Engineering Concepts 1) and CIVE 400 (Civil Engineering Project 1).

Key words: 
Needs Analysis; Highway Design; Assessment Matrix
CEAB attributes: 
Investigation; Problem Analysis; Design; Knowledge Base
Module 01 – Case Study
Module 02 – Needs Analysis (Restricted to educators only)
Module 03 – Design Analysis (Restricted to educators only)
Module TN – Teaching Note (Restricted to educators only)

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