Hitachi Truck Brake Design

Harry Tempelman, Ryan Spencer and Oscar Nespoli
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Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing Limited, located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, designs, manufactures and markets off-road dump trucks for the global mining industry.  These trucks are large vehicles having a gross operating weight ranging from about 158,000 lbs (71,600 kg) to 1,164,500 lbs (528,209 kg), and having a rated power ranging from about 525 hp (392 kW) to 2700 hp (2000 kW).  They are required to withstand very demanding operating conditions while remaining safe to operate and maintain. 

Adequately designed, well manufactured and properly maintained brakes are very important.  Brake systems for this type of equipment are designed to international regulatory standards.  These standards specify both performance requirements and test requirements to demonstrate performance of the final built system. 

It was necessary to design and manufacture a brake system for the Hitachi Rigid Frame Truck model EH1700-3, and to ensure its performance met these standards.

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Module 01 - Case Study
Module 02 - Hitachi Truck Brake Design
Module 03 - Hitachi Truck Rear Drive Design

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