Mitchell Partnership Water Pump Selection

Philip Malinas, Nawal Shiddo and David Effa
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13 pages (Module 01 - Case Study)
Mitchell Partnership Inc. (TMP), based in Toronto, Ontario, provides mechanical engineering building services throughout Canada and the world. TMP focuses on energy and water conservation within buildings, providing services for HVAC, plumbing, controls, and fire protection. TMP was required to design a water system and pump, which would provide water to a small residential home from an on-property well, as illustrated in Figure 1. The design of a water system involves analyzing water demand, pipe size and total pump head. TMP must also investigate and select an appropriate pump to handle the residential home’s water requirements.
Philip Malinas, a fourth year mechanical engineering co-op student from the University of Waterloo, was asked to develop a water system for a small residential home, shown in Figure 1. As illustrated in the figure, he must take into account the home’s piping layout and various fixtures which must be supplied with water.
location of submersible pump with respect to home and the well

Figure 1 - Location of submersible pump with respect to home and the well
Learning objectives: 

This case study is intended to demonstrate energy and flow principles in pipe networks associated with the design of a water system.

Key words: 
Head losses; Laminar flow; fluid forces; Dimensional analysis
CEAB attributes: 
Design, Problem Analysis, and A knowledge base for engineering
Module 01- Case Study
Module 02 - Water Flow Analysis
Module 03 - Pump Selection
Module 04 - Pump Background Information
Module TN - Teaching Note

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