Mobile Project Management Application Development

Hardeep Chagger, Megan Maguire, Scott Easton, Mark Santos, Filzah Nasir and Irwan Poerba
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Project Management (PM) is often a significant aspect of a professional engineer’s role in numerous industries. The nature of PM requires managers to keep track of several different projects at any given time. Figure 1 shows a breakdown of the various tasks involved in a typical PM setting. This often necessitates the use of relevant software for effective communication and the minimization of errors. There are many tools available on the market, providing managers the ability to review project statuses and receive updates. However, many of these tools need to be used in tandem with other applications, such as email, and many are not available in a mobile format. There is a need for an accessible PM application that is available in a mobile format.

Hardeep Chagger, Megan Maguire, Scott Easton and Mark Santos, four fourth year Management Engineering students from the University of Waterloo, worked on developing a conceptual design for a mobile PM application as part of their fourth year design project under the supervision of Mark Hancock.

breakdown of typical project management tasks

A breakdown of typical PM tasks

Learning objectives: 

The key objective of this case is to illustrate the software development process. The main expected learning outcome is for students to understand the steps required in software development and gain a thorough knowledge of project management.

Key words: 
Project management; Software development life cycle
CEAB attributes: 
Module 01– Case Study
Module 02– Software Requirements and Specifications
Module 03– Conceptual and Final Designs
Module TN– Teaching Note

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