TWD Pressure Vessel Design Analysis

Amanda Shorter and Cheryl Pearce
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TWD technologies (TWD), headquartered in Burlington Ontario, is an engineering, procurement and construction management company with clients in a variety of industries across Canada. For a particular project of TWD, Client 1 wanted to transfer isobutene, a hydrocarbon, from their production site to storage at Client 2's location. The product must be kept accessible and in useable condition to Client 1 as required. Client 2 owns a series of salt caverns, which are used to store isobutene and other hydrocarbons. Salt caverns are caves constructed within the salt subsurface. When isobutene is extracted from the salt cavern the brine (salt solution) must be removed from the product, which is done by sending the isobutene to a calcium chloride dryer. Brine is then recovered using a degasser pressure vessel, Figure 1, to remove the residual isobutene by flashing. For this project, a pressure vessel is required for the degasser application. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASMEpressure vessel codes must be followed to design the vessel.
Amanda Shorter, a second year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Waterloo, was asked to determine the design parameters for a brine degasser pressure vessel and to determine whether or not the vendor design was suitable for their client’s application prior to TWD issuing approval for construction.
degasser pressure vessel
Figure 1 - Degasser pressure vessel
Learning objectives: 

The teaching objective of this case is to design a pressure vessel following appropriate codes.   

Key words: 
ASME code(s); Degasser; pressure vessel
CEAB attributes: 
Probem Analysis; Investigation; Design
Module 01- Case Study
Module 02 - Pressure Vessel Loads
Module 03 - Head Design
Module 04 - Shell Cylinder Design
Module TN - Teaching Note

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