Wall-Mounted Tire Rack Design

Yiqing Wang, Bingyu Wang, Boyang Liu, Kendra Fredette, Chuck Chan, David Booth and David Effa
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Housing is one of the basic needs for society to sustain and it is widely recognized that there is a critical need for construction of new real estate in most major city across the world. Efficient use of existing house is critical and one key feature of any real state is the square footage of the property. These include available storage system including home garage. People have a need to use their garage as storage space including tires beside the main intended functionally, shown in figure below. Most people in Canada has a set of all season and winter tries that need to be store in garage floor for 4-6 months in the year. Depending of the number of case in the household, this takes significant floor space. A need exists to store winter tires using minimal space. A group of mechanical engineering students identified this problem as an opportunity for efficient and a lower cost solution.

Yiqing Wang, Bingyu Wang, Boyang Liu, Kendra Fredette, Chuck Chan and David Booth, five third year Mechanical Engineering students at the University of Waterloo, identified this mechanical engineering opportunity and developed a solution as part of their ME380 project course.

Cluttered Garage Space

Cluttered Garage Space

Key words: 
design process; needs analysis; conceptual design; project management
CEAB attributes: 
Module 01 – Case Study
Module 02 – Needs Analysis
Module 03 – Conceptual and Embodiment Design
Module 04 – Design Implementation
Module 05 – Project Management

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