Keystone campaign

Graphic Titled "Faculty of Environment Keystone Campaign, celebrating family." Drawing of a tree in which the words "staff, faculty and retiree" are written on three of the leaves.

What is the Keystone Campaign?

The Keystone Campaign inspires the campus community to engage in philanthropy. Every year, our family of faculty, staff and retirees volunteer countless hours on campus and donate more than $1 million to support the University of Waterloo.

Whether you’re passionate about helping students in financial need, you wish to support a special research project, or the University’s highest priority, your gifts make a tangible difference on campus. 

Thank you to all of our faculty, staff, and retirees for their tireless efforts and dedication supporting the Faculty of Environment. 

Meet some of our keystone donors: 


Ellsworth LeDrew

Ellsworth LeDrew

Taking students on research trips has been one of the highlights of Ellsworth's 40-year career. “These were wonderful experiences for the students and me, and is one reason that I have contributed to the UW International Student Mobility fund to allow students in our Faculty to explore and study other regions of the world.”


Barbara Yeaman

Barbara Yeaman

Since Barbara retired, she has maintained relationships with former students, staff, and faculty members. When asked why she continues her support, she is emphatic. "Waterloo is still a young institution with a modern outlook on education. It emphasizes outreach and has become a remarkable presence in today's global society."


Maryam Latifpoor-Kepaoutis

Maryam Latifpoor-Keparoutis

Joining the Faculty of Environment in 2015, Maryam Latifpoor-Keparoutis has quickly become an integral part of Advancement on campus. Her support of UWaterloo extends far beyond her role, in her outlook, as a representative of the University, and in her donations through the keystone campaign.