EV1-114, ext. 47012

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Key Areas of Graduate Supervision

  • Indigenous land-based sustainability practices, Indigenous ways of knowing and being, Indigenous knowledges, decolonization
  • Re-storying our connection to the land, nature connection, pedagogies about learning from the land
  • Contemplative practices (such as learning circles)
  • Food system sustainability & localization, organic/ecological/regenerative agriculture, permaculture, foraging, ethnobotany, plant medicine, Indigenous food sovereignty

Recent Courses Taught
GEOG 361: Food Systems and Sustainability
GEOG 426: Geographies of Development (Re-storying the land)
GEOG 460 Sustainable Food Systems: Regional Case Study
GEOG 700/800 Professional Skills in Geography

Research Interests and Community Engagement
I am leading a research project on "Learning from the Land: Developing Capacity for Place-Based Learning at the University of Waterloo".

I was principal investigator for several research projects on Ecological Agriculture in China and China's Changing Food System. My research since the late 1990s has focused on sustainable food systems, farmer livelihoods, and rural development, originally in Vietnam and from 2009, in China, researching the emergence of ecological and organic agriculture initiatives and alternative food networks.

I served as co-Chair of the Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable and am past president of the Canadian Association for Food Studies.

Selected Publications

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