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Steffanie is past president of the Canadian Association for Food Studies, and is engaged in research on sustainable food systems in China and Canada. Her work documents the emergence of the ecological agriculture sector and alternative food networks in China. She is also researching the urban food system in Nanjing, China.

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Key Areas of Graduate Supervision
Food systems and sustainability, agroecology, local food systems

Indigenous land-based sustainability practices, reconciliation, decolonization

Urban-rural dynamics

Community resilience

Social-ecological systems, environmental justice, environmental governance

China, East Asia, Canada

Recent Courses Taught
GEOG 361: Food Systems and Sustainability
GEOG 426: Geographies of Development
GEOG 460 Sustainable Food Systems: Regional Case Study
GEOG 700/800

Research Interests
My research since the last 1990s has focused on sustainable food systems, farmer livelihoods, and rural development, originally in Vietnam and from 2009, in China, researching the emergence of ecological and organic agriculture initiatives and alternative food networks.

Parallel to my research in East Asia, I have engaged in Ontario-based research on food system sustainability and networks in the local food economy, and Indigenous land-based sustainability practices, examining the parallel processes of building relationships to heal the land and strengthen communities.

I served as co-Chair of the Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable and am past president of the Canadian Association for Food Studies.

Recent Publications

  • S. Scott, Zhenzhong Si, Theresa Schumilas, and Aijuan Chen. 2018. Organic Food and Farming in China: Top-down and Bottom Up Ecological Initiatives. Routledge.
  • Zhenzhong Si and S. Scott. 2019. “China's changing food system: top-down and bottom-up forces in food system transformations.” Canadian Journal of Development Studies.
  • S. Scott, Zhenzhong Si, Theresa Schumilas, and Aijuan Chen. 2014. “Contradictions in state- and civil society-driven developments in China’s ecological agriculture sector.” Food Policy.
  • Peter Andrée, Dayna Chapman, Louisa Hawkins, Cathleen Kneen, Wanda Martin, Christina Muehlberger, Connie Nelson, Katherine Pigott, Wajma Qaderi-Attayi, Steffanie Scott, Mirella Stroink. 2014. “Building Effective Relationships for Community-Engaged Scholarship for Food Systems Change.” Canadian Food Studies.
University of Waterloo

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