Welcome to the University of Waterloo and Waterloo Region. The University has several resources to help your transition.

Before you get to Waterloo

It's a good idea to have several documents translated into English before you arrive:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization records (especially for children, need to know immunization requirements before entering Canada)
  • Medical, dental, vision documents
  • School transcripts and diplomas
  • Credit history record from bank
  • Driving records (a certificate of good driver of last 3 years that usually can be obtained from the proper government agency)
  • Auto insurance record (Insurance companies offer sizeable discounts if you can provide proof of your experience as a driver AND of your previous auto insurer which should include a letter of experience that includes the claims history.)

Also, ask your local tax accountant to make the proper arrangements prior to your move away from the country.

Once you're in Waterloo

The Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Affairs office has information that you could find helpful even if you're not a postdoctoral fellow. Find information on:

The Student Success Office Guidebook for International Students also contains helpful information no matter what your position about laws in Canada, Canadian culture, traveling, banking in Canada and more. (See sections 4 and 5.)


In addition to the University of Waterloo libraries, there are public libraries in the region. Not only can you borrow books, magazines and DVDs, there are activities for children and access to other information.

Both libraries have several locations and offer free library cards - all you need is a piece of permanent ID and a proof of a local address (e.g., a bank statement or rent agreement).