KI employers

Hear from two of our KI employers:

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Brock Hart, Co-Founder and CEO, Overlap (Strategic Management Consultancy), said:

"We can throw [KI students] into absolutely anything. The types of
problems that we’re facing are really complex ... KI has done a great job of training students to not take a problem at face value, but to see other sides of it."

Ramy Nassar, Consultant for Myplanet Digital, on two KI students involved in their Fellowship program:

"The KI students have really differentiated themselves with their mature, creative and unique approach to solving the challenges that we face."

What business executives are looking for:

Top skills employers look for in entry level hires according to the Business/Higher Education Roundtable:

  1. collaboration
  2. communication
  3. problem solving
  4. resiliency
  5. analytical capabilities

These are all a fundamental part of the KI core courses!

John Baker, Founder, President & CEO, Desire2Learn, sees:

"Incredible value in hiring students and graduates from programs, such as Knowledge Integration, where the students have developed strong design and problem solving abilities that span disciplines.

Knowledge integration is essential for tackling the complex problems that our teams face each day, especially with rapid growth in a highly competitive global market. The ability for these students to quickly solve problems, build strong relationships, and see the bigger picture is why we also see their potential as the next generation of leaders."

Sara Ehrhardt, International Economist, Finance Canada, discussing the development of the KI program:

"I see being able to assess and advance solutions to complex situations, regardless of the traditional field of study or expertise, as the next career frontier. Rather than asking what I'd like to be when I grow up, I've always asked myself what problems I'd like to spend my time on. This has set me on a varied career track that has been exciting, impactful, and fun. I have worked all over the world in engineering, economics, international development, advocacy, communications, management - all while seeking to further Canada's leadership in global sustainable development."