Knowledge Integration is an excellent pre-law choice for undergraduate studies.

As a lawyer, persuasion and effective communication are keys to success. KI taught me so much about making connections and communicating at different levels. Those are skills I employ every day in my advocacy. It also taught me to collaborate more effectively with others. At the end of the day, a lot of law is collaborative and not adversarial. 'Playing well with others' is essential!

Erin, BKI’17

Start your path to a legal career in Waterloo’s Bachelor of Knowledge Integration program.

A law school admissions committee member described the KI program as "beautifully set up" to prepare students for the LSATs and Law. KI’s unique core courses, especially the Nature of Knowledge courses, help our students develop skills essential for success on the LSAT and in law school:

  • writing and reading comprehension
  • critical thinking
  • logical and analytical thinking

Plus, the experiential and reflective education in the KI program give our students an extra edge.

Several KI grads have gone on to study law at schools including McGill University, Queen's University, Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia, University of Ottawa, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, Western University, Osgoode Hall at York University, and Berkeley Law at the University of California.

"My undergraduate education emphasized the importance of diversity in disciplinary perspectives and the idea that plurality is vital in order to encourage a holistic, nuanced, and more complete knowledge space. KI taught me to investigate communities, problems, and politics from a perspective which recognizes elements within a system and takes into account the ways in which they are connected.

KI has not only helped me to stand out and meaningfully walk the talk of interdisciplinarity in my law school applications, it has given me the confidence and preparation to contribute meaningfully in this next part of my academic journey!" -- Zainab Ramahi, BKI 2015,  Doctor of Law (JD) 2019, University of California, Berkeley

Learn more about the many paths KI grads follow.

University of Waterloo’s Knowledge Integration program would be an excellent place to start one’s path to a legal career. The program's emphasis on cross-disciplinary learning and problem solving allows students to develop the critical thinking skills and comfort engaging with grey area issues that lawyers require. KI students graduate with a strong sense of self and direction, which will serve them well in law school and throughout their professional lives.

Joanna Kyriazis  BSc, JD, Policy Director, Zizzo Strategy Inc.