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January 2020

Photo contest: Neighbourhood Features

HSW Photography Contest - Neighbourhood Features

Stef's neighbourhood has lots of natural beauty.

Photo contest: Relax

HSW Photography Contest - Relax

Mary Lynne has used some of her free time to work on developing her skills with paper crafts.

Photo contest: Flora

HSW Photography Contest -  Flora

A bee enjoys a visit to some beautiful yellow flowers in Ben's backyard.

Photo contest: Fauna

HSW Photography Contest - Fauna

Ben's mini picnic table has seen plenty of customers.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

Got a bit of cabin fever and wish you could expand your sights a bit more? Take a break and have some fun exploring Kitchener and the world around you (virtually, of course!).

Staying connected

#Fridayfeeling, that wonderous feeling that washes over you as you leave work for the weekend. Unfortunately, due to our new reality, that feeling might seem like it is unattainable, but the Health Safety & Wellness Committee has ideas for fun and engaging ways for you to spend your time away from work.

Our new normal

We are working in an unprecedented situation. As the world tries to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to provide necessary access to library resources to our university community. 

Working from home can be quite difficult! There are a number of distractions to ignore, you may not have the right 'office' workspace, and being separated from your colleagues can make things harder. Luckily there are tons of articles and videos online that can help you get set up for working from home successfully. Take a look at the following:

Focus On: Surviving Winter

Many people experience some form of the 'winter blues' as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. There are ways to combat the lethargy, difficulty sleeping, cravings for unhealthy comfort food, and tendency towards self-isolation associated with winter. Keep reading for some tips!