Photo contest: Fauna

HSW Photography Contest - Fauna

Wildlife visits a small picnic table

Ben's mini picnic table has seen plenty of customers.

Baby screech owls sit on a branch

Nadeem spotted some baby screech owls!

A rabbit, and a goose in a parking lot

Kathy S. spotted a suburban rabbit, and a goose trying to remember where they parked at Canadian Tire.

Dog sitting near a road

Sue P. and Max enjoyed a walk on a sunny day.

A chipmunk, two cats cuddling, and a llama

Mary Lynne has encountered lots of fauna, both wild and tame!

A dog looking out a window, a guinea pig, and a caterpillar

Eva got some beauty shots of her pets, and a UW-branded caterpillar!

Close up of cat's paws, baby squirrel

Sarah M's cat was trying to tell her something at the end of the workday, and a baby squirrel took a snack break outside.

Beetles, a cardinal, a spider web

Stef had her eyes peeled for fauna of various sizes!

A baby fox sitting among greenery

Agnes Z-K would like you to meet Buttercup, one of three fox cubs who have decided to come visit her backyard!

Do you see a photo you really like? Vote for it to be blown up and framed for staff spaces at Porter and Davis! Voting is coming soon. Keep an eye on your emails for a link from the Health, Safety, & Wellness Committee. If you'd like to look at a larger version of these pictures, check out the Health, Safety, & Wellness SharePoint site!