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January 2019

Focus on: Heart health

Have you ever wondered what blood pressure is, or why it's important to your overall health? Read on for some basic information about blood pressure.

What is blood pressure?

The pressure that is exerted on the walls of blood vessels due to blood pumping through the circulatory system.

Why is blood pressure important to overall health?

Moving beyond the Library

2 women outside

The movement is spreading!

Campus Wellness staff have been enthusiastic participants in the MEET + MOVE challenge. Here are a couple of their staff enjoying their meeting outside!


Committee'd to wellness

group walking

On the move with the Library's Health, safety and wellness committee

The Library's own Health, safety and wellness committee is always focused on supporting the wellness of Library staff through training, initiative, activities and blog posts. The committee's meetings always keep their own wellness in mind, including starting off with an around-the-table check-in of members to share what's going on in their work and personal lives.

Turn on, tune in, walk out

Melanie and Alison

Why do moving meetings work for you?

"Moving meetings are a great way to break up the routine of sitting at a desk or boardroom table, and really keep me engaged.

I also love getting outside for a change of scenery and some fresh air!"

- Melanie Hannaford, Office administrator

Add a little workout to your work day

Lisa and Sharon

Sharon Lamont, Director, Organizational services

Sharon has always been an advocate for wellness at work, and it's an important aspect of her portfolio, including overseeing the Library's own Health, Safety and Wellness Committee. She was also the catalyst for getting the Library involved in the MEET + MOVE challenge!

We asked Sharon about her experience with moving meetings to help inspire and motivate our University of Waterloo community to take their meetings on the road.

Mary Lynne sets things in motion

staff walking and talking

What's your favourite thing about the walk-and-talk?

"I think moving meetings allow the conversation to flow nicely along with the movement of walking.

I also really enjoy the opportunity to go outside and get some Vitamin D."

- Mary Lynne Bartlett, Student engagement coordinator

Hit the ground walking with our MEET + MOVE champions

Melanie and Alison

Today is the launch of the MEET + MOVE challenge! Follow along with our MEET + MOVE blog to learn more about moving meetings from Library staff.

Alison Hitchens, Associate University Librarian - Collections, technology and scholarly communication

Focus On: The Basics

Focus on: Meditation

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Meatless Monday

Time for another Meatless Monday post! This week's recipe comes courtesy of Johanna Whitson.

Meatless Monday

Welcome to Meatless Mondays, brought to you by your Health, Safety, and Wellness committee, and your Green Office team! On the first Monday of every month, you'll see a new meatless recipe for you to try.

So, why go meatless on Mondays? By consuming more plant-based meals, you are:

Focus on: Email

“The true source of our love-hate relationship with email is that we treat it like a task when it’s actually a tool.”[i]

Focus on: Nutrition

Feel a little run-down? Finding it hard to stay away from the office treats? Or maybe your body just doesn’t react the way it used to when you were younger.

As we age, we find that we just can’t eat like the teenagers anymore, but those habits are still strong and can provide a sense of comfort in stressful times. I know I still turn to Kraft Dinner for comfort food and I think we can all agree that pasta, salt and fat isn’t the healthiest combination to rely on! 

There’s good news! March is Nutrition month and there are resources to help!