Hit the ground walking with our MEET + MOVE champions

Today is the launch of the MEET + MOVE challenge! Follow along with our MEET + MOVE blog to learn more about moving meetings from Library staff.

Alison Hitchens, Associate University Librarian - Collections, technology and scholarly communication

Meet Alison, one of the Library's most enthusiastic champions for getting moving at work. Alison regularly encourages staff from all Library departments to join her on walks around campus over the lunch break, and has moving meetings with many Library staff members. She's even gotten off on the right foot by starting walking meetings with her most recent hire within their first week!

We asked Alison about her experience with moving meetings to help inspire and motivate our University of Waterloo community to take their meetings on the road.

Why did you first try a moving meeting?

I sit most of the day (either at my desk or in meeting rooms) and it’s easy to get sleepy or just stiff and sore. I was looking for a way to change that, to feel better physically and break up the day.

Why do moving meetings work for you?

Walking meetings give me a chance to move about, get fresh air and re-energize for the rest of the day. It also lets me take in all the activity around campus, and to see the students moving about - which is a great reminder of why we're here!

Melanie and AlisonAlison (right) on the move with Melanie, the Library's Office administrator.


What kinds of meetings are well-suited to moving?

It needs to be a small meeting (2 to 3 people), and one where you don’t need to write down details or have access to visual materials. Catch-up meetings are a great opportunity for a walking meeting. Getting moving would also be great for brainstorming... as long as you can remember to jot down your ideas when you get back!

What would you say to a coworker who is hesitant about the idea of having a moving meeting?

I recommend starting with a more conversational or social meeting. Use the walk to strengthen relationships or partnerships by just talking about how things are going, catching up after vacation, or finding out what another department or unit is doing. 

Get your friends and coworkers moving!

Visit the MEET + MOVE challenge webpage for tips and resources for setting your meetings in motion, then fill out the MEET + MOVE entry form each time you participate in a moving meeting for a chance to win a prize!