Photo contest: Flora

HSW Photography Contest -  Flora

Yellow flowers with bee

A bee enjoys a visit to some beautiful yellow flowers in Ben's backyard.

Tree bud, stone tunnel, path through meadowA pond surrounded by trees

A collection of images from Eva's walks around her neighbourhood. 

Night magnolia, trout lily

A nighttime magnolia, and a trout lily from Alison H.

Three different succulent plants

The succulents are growing in Sarah M's neighbourhood! 

Daffodils, trees, and yellow flowers

Kathy S has found plenty of green and yellow on her walks.

Red tulips

Margaret found a sure sign of spring - tulips!

5 images of colourful flowers

Stef captured some beautiful bright floral colours!

Do you see a photo you really like? Vote for it to be blown up and framed for staff spaces at Porter and Davis! Voting is coming soon. Keep an eye on your emails for a link from the Health, Safety, & Wellness Committee. If you'd like to look at a larger version of these pictures, check out the Health, Safety, & Wellness SharePoint site!