Add a little workout to your work day

Sharon Lamont, Director, Organizational services

Sharon has always been an advocate for wellness at work, and it's an important aspect of her portfolio, including overseeing the Library's own Health, Safety and Wellness Committee. She was also the catalyst for getting the Library involved in the MEET + MOVE challenge!

We asked Sharon about her experience with moving meetings to help inspire and motivate our University of Waterloo community to take their meetings on the road.

What kinds of meetings are well-suited to moving?

One-on-one meetings are a great time to be outside instead of inside, especially in the nice weather.  Also, when a topic is sensitive, being out of the office and feeling less confined can be more comfortable for some people.  I think looking forward together is also a factor in the increased comfort – the same way great conversations can happen in a car!

Sharon walking outside with staff


"Getting more exercise as part of my work day is a huge bonus! and has become a healthy habit - I like having a movement break in regular meetings now too!"

Get your friends and coworkers moving!

Visit the MEET + MOVE challenge webpage for tips and resources for setting your meetings in motion, then fill out the MEET + MOVE entry form each time you participate in a moving meeting for a chance to win a prize!