Focus On: The Basics

Word cloud with wellness themed words.

It is easy to get caught up in the latest health fads, life hacks, and superfoods, but when life gets busy and stressful (September anyone?) it is a good time to focus on the basics of wellbeing. Taking care of yourself often falls down the priority list when stressful periods arise, even though this is when it is especially important.  

The popular magazine article, We’ve Reached Peak Wellness. Most of It Is Nonsense., contains a good reminder of the importance of going back to the basics that we fundamentally know. It discusses six dimensions of health and wellbeing: physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual, and environmental. As the author, Brad Stulberg, says, “We’d be much better off if we stopped obsessing over hacks and instead focused on evidence-based stuff that works.”

The article provides several ideas for each of these six areas of wellbeing, supported by research findings. The article’s section headings sum it up nicely, so here are the main points if you do not want to read the whole article:

  • Physical: Move Your Body and Don’t Eat Crap—but Don’t Diet Either
  • Emotional: Don’t Hide Your Feelings, Get Help When You Need It
  • Social: It’s Not All About Productivity; Relationships Matter, Too
  • Cognitive: Follow Your Interests, Do Deep-Focused Work
  • Spiritual: Cultivate Purpose, Be Open to Awe
  • Environmental: Care for Your Space

We hope this is a friendly reminder to focus on the basics and make time to take care of yourself, especially during the busy and stressful periods of life (or term).